Eithne Leming, Educational Consultant

Director & Advisor

Eithne is a highly experienced and highly regarded Educationalist and Consultant who has worked for almost 40 years as a teacher, headteacher, leader of regional and national projects, as a consultant, trainer and author for publications such as the Head’s legal guide.  

She has worked in special schools and mainstream schools, with all ages from 3 – 19 years. She has specialised in developing inclusive practice, whether that be with those learning English as a second language or those with a disability or special educational need, or with the disadvantaged including children in care. Eithne has worked with parents, families and schools to build resilience and sustainable whole system change in practice to meet individual needs and promote successful learning. She has also published a book on successfully working with parents.

Eithne has worked extensively with children and young people, and their families, who have experienced trauma or who have mental health difficulties arising from a range of either environmental or inherited, genetic factors.

As a Director of Gemstones Education, which provides tailored therapeutic interventions for pupils and students with a range of social, emotional and mental health difficulties, she has worked in partnership with Kath Temple to provide groundbreaking training regionally to her team of Outreach Teachers, Behavioural Support Specialists, and Learning Support Specialists.

Gemstones has established a track record for providing innovative and effective support for schools to assist staff in developing provision that attends to their own emotional and mental well-being. This helps bring about the necessary changes for the pupil to overcome the barriers of anxiety, depression, fear of failure and self defeating behaviours that prevent them from being successful learners and members of their communities.

At the heart of Eithne’s approach has been working using a range of therapeutic tools to build the skills, capacity and capability of children and young people themselves, their families and schools, to bring long lasting change, finding tailored therapeutic solutions with schools to sustain the environments that ensure they thrive.

Eithne also graduated as an NLP Master and EFT Advanced Practitioner with Kath Temple.