Ben Kiwanuka, Pharmacist



Benedict Kiwanuka, is a Community Pharmacist working in Yorkshire, and is an Advisor to The Happiness Foundation. Ben graduated from Aston University with a BPharm (Hons) in 1994 and returned to graduate in 2002 with the Clinical Pharmacy Postgraduate qualification.

During the past 26 years he has been Manager within a large multiple chain. He served as District Manager and Clinical Governance Support Pharmacist, supporting his group of Pharmacies. Ben enjoyed liaising with the PCT’s as it offered a new view to plan new projects and services and was proud to be part of it. Benedict represented the company as a Local Pharmacy Committee Member for a few years before deciding to focus his attention on Pharmacy management where his passion would come to light -the Idea of people being able to heal without prescribed drugs.

In 2010 he trained as an NLP Master and NLP Practitioner with Kath Temple. This course transformed Ben’s perception on communication and health. This created a new outlook as now he focused more on Patient perceptions. Customers and staff liked this as it offered more depth to the communication and Ben provided tools to empower them. Ben’s fascination with alternative therapies started to grow and he completed his EFT Practitioner and Advanced Practitioner course with Kath Temple.

He is now enrolled to attend a Clinical Nutrition course this October with a view of helping people better understand and manage their various ailments through nutrition and nature’s food pharmacy.