From Self Harm to Self Calm

2 Powerful Days to Create Positive Change in Young People

An inspiring, energizing, life-changing training to prevent self-harming, shift limiting beliefs and behaviours, enhance self-esteem and confidence, boost emotional intelligence, and share tools and techniques for managing the feelings and the inner dialogue that lead to self-harm. The first peace in the world is self-peace. We restore pathways to peace and help young people live their best one wild and precious life as their best self.

Here’s what they will gain:

  • The ability to create rapid changes in their emotional state
  • Increased ability to influence their attitude and outcomes
  • The know-how to diffuse and dissipate difficult feelings
  • Tools & techniques to make changes in themselves and others more easily
  • The installation of powerful templates for long-lasting change that work long beyond the course
  • The ability to understand themselves and others better
  • More confidence, higher self-esteem, and a better recognition of their own power to change their lives
  • More control, and more choices, and the ability to make wiser choices

£3997 for up to 16 young people – £249 per young person
Delivered by Kath Temple and a team of coaches for 1-1s as well as groupwork.

Short Biography of Kath Temple

Kath Temple is an MSc Success & Happiness Psychologist who has worked with tens of thousands of young people and adults across the world to create long-lasting positive change. She was one of the original 69 specialist members for England & Wales Special Needs & Disability Tribunal appointed by The Secretary of State for Education. She has worked for DfES, Suffolk Education, Community Education, Norfolk Education, Pupil Referral Units for 3-8 and 14-16 year olds, and has changed many futures. She has also worked with Business Leaders across the world. Kath is the Founder and CEO of The Happiness Foundation.

A few words from Kath’s private clients …

I just wanted to write to you to say a big thank you. I know that it’s been just 24 hours but I really, genuinely, feel so much happier and in control and not really sure why! What you do is truly fairy dust! I just want to get on with my life now. Take care and thank you again! C.M.

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get in touch with you, but I’ve been enjoying my new happiness! I just wanted to say thank you so much for making me feel so much better. Everyone has noticed a difference in me, and I’ve even found myself a new bloke. Good eh?! V.L.

Without this I would have found it difficult to go through the court experience, which would have meant that my attacker would have got away with the crime. Thank you for the courage and confidence. P.L.

Hi Kath, I wanted to thank you for our session on the 3rd September. I found it very interesting and learnt a lot and with your techniques I will be better armed to deal with the tricky situations. I certainly came away a lot more positive. I would like you to know how grateful I am for your help. It was wonderful to meet you, and thank you once again. A.F.

Kath – you bloody genius you! Walked in your office as a 3. Walked out of your office feeling like an 8 – after just over an hour with you! And managed to keep it up all weekend (oo-er missus!), and today’s going wonderfully well too. Ok, it may be on the same level as Buddha as it’s finally clicked – and a 1000 watt bulb has just been switched on in my head! You should really write a book – you’d make a fortune! M.R.

I have spent the last 3 days processings everything that happened on Friday. What a day!! A word here and a word there which were so powerful. I have come away with a real sense of my own importance. That feeling of being small in a big body has been hanging around me for a long time. You bringing me back to who I was (therefore who I am) was the thing for me. You said I was “courageous” and yes I am, you said I was “spirited” and yes I am, you said I was “cheeky” and yes I am. I am going to be who I am! Kath, I thank you again for Friday. I will keep a memory of that room and what happened in it and that special time I had you all to myself doing something wonderful not only for me but for those around me. B.R.

Thank you so much! You made me think and you made me smile at my life. Learned to laugh more, to enjoy life, that nothing holds me back except myself. Fantastic! L.B.

I learned to value myself, make my own path, and get rid of self-doubt. M.S.

I felt free to be me. I so enjoyed it all and the time to think. G.N.

Fab! I feel fantastic. Liberation. Feeling of well-being. I’ve learned how to damp down any feelings of fear and negativity. J.K-B.

I just wanted to say a big thank you for the help and guidance you gave me recently. Thanks for your help and support – You have helped me get through a tough time. My father died on 3rd March and his funeral was on Monday. I remembered how you showed me a way to forgive him for everything that happened in the past and to let go, and to be able to remember him with love. This was a really big help and comfort to me. Thank you! Thanks also for the inspirational messages you sent me. I look at them frequently. Kath, You’re a star! S.R.

Just to thank you so much for your time and your warm words in the card. It’s always with me. Thanks a lot for those family things you sent me. And thanks a lot for all the encouragement I can read in your words. F.G.

I’ve used Hara, my timeline and the power circle a good few times since I saw you and I’ve found them really effective! The box and balloon were an excellent touch. S.S.

So you, the one that makes me smile ….. thank you for being so special and for having such a wonderful effect on people’s lives. M.S.

Just wanted to let you know that I am still using what I learnt and it continues to help me on a daily basis. I am so excited now, it all seems to be coming together, I really think this could be my year. And I know I keep harping on about it, but I really can see how much things have changed for me since I saw you. I have never been so confident in who I am and what I do, I owe you so much Kath, and I don’t know how I will ever be able to repay you. C.H.

Hello you wonderful lady! I wanted to thank you so much for your help. I was amazed at how I felt and behaved after our meeting. That night, I could not get to sleep straight away because I was thinking about our meeting. I kept getting butterflies in my tummy and during the next few days, I could not stop smiling to myself. I’m very happy to report that I no longer have any of the problems I had! Everything you said during our meeting was so true and I found your work fascinating. You are a gorgeous, intelligent, lovely lady. Many thanks. J.P.

I want you to know how much it meant to me. I was on the verge of seeing my doctor for clinical depression. Somehow it all came together at the right time for me to take notice and let it change my attitude and my life for the better … I woke up the next morning a new person. I have been a ball of bubbling joy ever since. I learned that every moment that passes is gone forever and I will never get the chance to re-live it a better way. To make my life meaningful, I have to be happy with me as I am and accept that I have a right to be the way I am. I shouldn’t be so afraid of saying the wrong things that I say nothing at all. I shouldn’t be so afraid of consequences that I do nothing at all. If I take a risk, then maybe my life will get even better. I have learned that I possess everything I need to be happy now – I don’t need to wait until other people treat me better or until circumstances dictate. My happiness is a state of mind; happiness is an attitude, an outlook and no-one can make me truly happy except me. I have learned that if I am happy, then I am better placed to make the people I love happy. I have learned that people may say hurtful things, but that doesn’t mean it’s the truth – their words can only hurt me if I believe it’s the truth and fail to realise that sometimes people try to feed their ego by stealing a bit of my precious spirit. I have learned that I am loved and not just accepted because I co-exist with others. I am valued for who I am, what I am, the way I am. I should not be afraid of doing my best and letting people know what I do well….Most importantly, I have learned to be unafraid of the future. I am not a victim. Any pain I may have suffered has made me strong, enriched my personality, and made me more understanding, wise. It has taught me to appreciate the good things in my life and to make the present a really good place to be. I know I’ve only just started this journey. I have more to learn, more to do. But for now, I feel unshackled, liberated. I feel as if a ball of joy lives in the centre of my chest. I can feel it bubbling, flowing. It’s in my throat and in my mouth. I feel like laughing! It lights up my entire being and makes me feel like dancing. The one word I keep using is ‘irrepressible’. ‘Irrepressible’ is my theme song! I feel physically different. I even noticed that I walk differently. Believe it or not, I think I strut (in a totally non-arrogant, non-pompous way of course!) – hips forward and striding. My shoulders are straighter. My back is upright. My head is higher. Kath I love you for the way you are and for helping me to discover me. Over the last 18 months I had been slowly finding myself. But you set ablaze a torch I had only begun to spark. I wanted you to know that you triggered something wonderful in me. You touched my life in a deeply significant way, and if only for that, you will hold a special place in my heart.’ V.B.

Thank you so much for Saturday – I was extremely apprehensive but I left grateful for your help and positive in facing the future with a more optimistic approach and some strategies to help kick in the new me :0) I appreciate the overtime you put in and the fact you allowed L to stay with us – she’s a very very good friend. EFT and the breathing technique are a definite good idea. L and I went to Basildon on Sunday and did a few lifts – first lift a glass one, 7-11 breathing made it a “2”. We did this lift about 10 times including once with 12 people in a 16 capacity – she’s mean but knows wots best! We then did a metal enclosed one. Recommending you – certainly :0) Fear of flying – Australia in 31 days and counting thank you so much for easing me into an excited rather than anxious state! L.N.

Thank you again for a wonderful day. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first but you made me feel at ease and very relaxed. I enjoyed every minute, it’s just a shame it went so quick. I feel very positive about the whole thing. Thank you again for your help, you’re brill! C.N.

A few more words from Kath’s professional clients …

You blew the guys away – I think you really took them by surprise! They have been using the skills and I have had such good feedback! LIZ HOLDICH, Manager, Catch 22 Lincolnshire

10 out of 10! You were brill !!!! JOHN WEBB, Drug Concern, Guernsey

I learned LOADS!! This was the most valuable course (and the most entertaining) I have been on in years! LYNN PARK, Suffolk Education

Thank you for helping me to get my oomph back. SHARON RUDGE, Advisory Teacher

Kathryn was very entertaining and inspiring, honest and fun! She built on the needs of our group very well, helping us to build trust in one another. I really appreciated this in the first week of a new job. I enjoyed most the sections on generating confidence in myself and the guidance and reassurance about dealing with difficult group members and overcoming problems. JANE MORRIS, Teacher Mentor, Suffolk

Following your course for all our staff in the Pupil Referral Unit we received a Beacon Of Excellence Award from Ofsted! Thanks for the insights, skills, humour and much much more. Will always remember it – and use it – every day! Enjoyed the positive learning environment and learned a range of great skills and techniques – tonality and use of voice, embedded commands, presuppositions, eye accessing cues, the muscle testing. Have already used with good effect many/most of all those things in my work with adults, young people and teenagers. EITHNE LEMING, Headteacher, First Base PRU, Ipswich

Your style was very engaging and enthusiastic. Enjoyed the range of practical exercises, the blend of participants, the materials, the high energy. I learned that rapid change is possible and doesn’t need to meet the criteria of ‘no pain, no gain!’ I will use this for myself and am more confident taking on new and different challenges. I will use it to enthuse others and help them remove limiting beliefs, broaden their perceived choices and opportunities. You are a role model for enthusiasm and humour I will carry with me always! JANET CATTINI, Head of Staff Development, London South Bank University

Thanks for stretching our minds and our lives. Have learnt so much from you and am looking forward to my next zillion years of using it! I’m loving it, and you have given me the confidence as well as the tools to go and bloody-well just do it!! I am walking taller and happier, with heaps more self belief and it feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeels great! SARAH RICHARD, Senior Education Officer, Northumberland Education

This course was a ‘springboard’, so motivating and encouraging. So relevant and practical.’ HAZEL MEADOWS, Suffolk Education

In my 20 years’ experience as an academic, facilitator and consultant, I can confidently say that Kathryn is the most accomplished, professional and charismatic trainer/change agent that I have come across. She pursues her work with the utmost integrity. Kathryn takes immense care to ensure that her interventions are supported by sound theoretical principles and evidence. She is a consummate professional who is totally dedicated to the well-being of her audience and clients. Her academic and professional credentials, allied with her detailed knowledge and experience of a complex field, means that she is eminently qualified to deliver excellence in this and other projects. Kathryn is peerless as a presenter and communicator. She radiates enthusiasm for her subject, which she delivers with passion and immense dexterity. I witnessed at first hand her unique ability to convey profound insights with empathy, energy and ease to people from diverse backgrounds. Kathryn has authentic charisma which she uses in an ethical way to promote the well-being of people that she works with. She relates to everyone with sincerity and professionalism, thus creating the conditions for positive change. She is a force for good. PROFESSOR MONDER RAM, OBE, Leicester de Montfort University

I had such a fantastic time, learned so much about myself and really got a boost. I cannot believe the uses for these skills – family, staff, friends – strangers!! Amazing!
DAWN RENNIE, Principal Officer, Lincolnshire Development

Dynamic course leader! Learning a new way of approaching problems. Enjoyed the peer support. Learned how to temper my responses in times of stress. I will use this within my working environment especially as mine tends to be quite confrontational. SHARON NAYLOR, Head of Occupational Health, HMPS Worcestershire

I use these skills on a daily basis when working/talking with everyone I meet. I incorporate a huge element of it when training volunteers to motivate and work with young offenders. I have learned to create different states in myself and others. One of my clients has said that his life is very different. Using a range of approaches I have managed to get through to him. He said that when he first met us he could score the quality of life at 1/10. It is now 6/10 and rarely goes under 5! He walked past the guy who had raped him the other day and kept his head held high and has also written letters of apology to the victims of his assaults that he carried out as a result of his inner aggression! You have had a huge impact on my life. SUE DOUGLAS, Trainer, Probation Services

The empathy that Kath shows towards our pupils and their parents enables her to engage effectively with one of the most difficult client groups in education. Her work adds a most essential dimension to the school. IAN JOHNSTON, Headteacher, Pupil Referral Unit

Loved the openness, the knowledge you shared, your style and attitude. Loved the thought-provoking comments and questions. Inspirational! One of the best things I have ever done!
TRACY SMITH, Teacher and Trainer, Lincoln

I just want firstly to say a great big thank you for the course it was Fab!! I learnt so much in such a short space of time and I am putting it into practice too.
LYNNE FINNIGAN, Training Director, The Colchester Institute

Brilliant course. Thanks for all you have given me. I’ve had a huge boost in self-confidence. Learned to look at training in a broader and deeper context and to look at presentations as more than knowledge of content. I now have the ability to change states.
HELEN NOTT, General Advisor

Thank you for the wonderful session that you did for us on Friday. It was truly fantastic and everything that I had wanted. Everyone is talking about how much they enjoyed it and how wonderful you are! I just knew that you could shake them up! It set the stage for the afternoon and I can truly say that I have never delivered, organised or prepared a session that more than met the aims and objectives in the ways this one did. God they were bopping. Thanks a million!
JANET MORGAN, Quality Assurance Manager, Norfolk County Council

When I was looking for a coach and mentor to help me take my business to the next level I was lucky enough to find Kath Temple. Kath’s blend of intellect, expertise, empathy and energy is rare to find. She is generous with her time, her resources and her support. Kath has the ability to hold a bigger vision people she works with to grow into. She has great business acumen and never loses sight of the importance of kindness and trust in all dealings. Kath is quick, clever, warm and great fun to work with. Her inspiration and knowledge has been incredibly valuable to me as I have have continued to expand my business, my income, my confidence, influence and impact. I would thoroughly recommend her.
KATIE BOTTEN, Author, Organisational and Career Change Specialist

Kath’s spark ignited something in me and within 24 hours of her suggestion I had pitched an idea to Richard Branson… I am now about to sign a deal … Without Kath’s generosity and insight I would still be struggling to identify the way forward instead of being on the edge of my life completely transforming.
STEPHEN DALTREY, Honorary Commander, Royal Navy

Thank you so much for giving us the powerful message – you have such an amazing presence on stage and EVERYONE was blown away with you! They are still talking about you!
LINDA TURNER, UEA Medical School

The Special Educational Needs Tribunal is an expert tribunal whose members come from many different backgrounds: educational, medical, social services, legal, etc. Kath was one of the original 69 specialist members for England & Wales appointed by The Secretary of State for Education. She has served on the Tribunal for 12 years and takes an active part both in planning and in delivering our training programme. It works and its success owes much to her imagination, experience, expertise, enthusiasm, lively sense of humour and understanding of human nature.
TREVOR ALDRIDGE, QC, President of the SEN & Disability Tribunal

There was such expansion of awareness – far beyond my/our expectations. The power of the group was expertly and lightly harnessed to take all of us further. The whole experience constantly modelled for us. Wonderful Kath – Thanks a million.’
LAURIE ROUSHAM, Maths Consultant

So good to be on a course that was such fun! A jolly, human, and extremely knowledgeable and widely read trainer who gets a lot from life and is willing to share. Learned to believe in myself and to focus on strengths. Learned to be more analytical and to consciously employ strategies when I’m not sure of the way forward.
JACQUI CAWKWELL-EAST, Advisory Teacher, Suffolk

One of the best training workshops I have ever been on – thank you!
LINDA BULLIMORE, Norfolk Early Years Support Network

After the programme I had to make a presentation to over 200 people and was able to apply the tools and skills I learnt. I would not have been so successful if I had not attended. I am now finding that I am using these new found skill- sets in the business and reaping new benefits. I am now in the process of setting up a Care Home as an additional business. It has allowed me to kick start these aspirations.
SHANTOSE KAUR, Enigma Consulting

I thoroughly recommend that you take every opportunity to learn as much from Kath as you can. Your life will be much richer for so doing. She is very inspirational and motivational, helping to show what is possible and clarifying the steps along the way. She has helped me give life to a dream and define key life goals. With Kath you get what you see, a very energetic and vibrant person driven to help you succeed, using all her intelligence and wisdom. As a leader with a big vision and a big heart, my life is changed for the better as a result of her mentorship.
Dr Ian McEwan, Finance & Commercial Director, RAND UK & Europe

Kath’s skills go beyond her impressive range of qualifications, teaching and mentoring abilities. She possesses an almost unique talent to motivate groups and individuals … there is no doubt in my mind, that Kath offers the ‘X’ Factor often needed to succeed.
PETER BEALES, Global Business Development Manager, Elite Controls Systems & Asset Guardian Solutions