The Harmony Project

About This Campaign

Have you or anyone you know been involved in the divorce and separation process? If so, you will know just how tough it is for everyone involved, and how hard it impacts children as well as parents.


With 1 in 2 marriages ending in divorce, and with even higher separation rates in those who live together, there is a real social need to support parents and their children.Families are changed profoundly by communication and relationship breakdown with anger and unforgiveness often being passed around like an unwanted family heirloom. The emotional, psychological, and health impact upon children and their parents cannot be overstated. For children it can impact their educational attainments, behaviours, and relationships right across their lives.

What We Do

In THE HARMONY PROJECT we heal broken hearts, shift family dynamics, boost resilience, emotional intelligence, mental health and well-being, and change children’s and parents’ futures for the greater good. The first peace in the world is self-peace. We restore the pathways to peace in the hearts and minds of all involved. We forge new pathways to forgiveness, better ways of relating to each other, better communication and more influence, better ways of handling the emotional impact, and improve family happiness and harmony that benefits everyone’s health and well-being, and everyone’s futures.

THE HARMONY PROJECT is part of THE HAPPINESS FOUNDATION. Help us change many futures. ‘On Knowing Happiness’, Nic Askew’s 6 minute Soul Biography of our Founder and CEO Kath Temple. Be part of our movement for powerful positive change in the world by making a donation today. Go on you Kindness Warrior you! Everything matters, everything counts. Let this be part of your Legacy in the world too.