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This is a magical course and a real treat – just for women! This is a time to renew your spirit and joie de vivre! Get away from it all with our unique holistic mind, body, spirit approach and experience the magic and renewal you desire and give yourself that leading edge with a weekend that will uplift, energise and resource you!

And there are only 30 places on this delightful and delicious weekend, so hurry and make sure that one of them is yours! Come on your own or come with a friend. You’ll leave with many more! And if there’s even a hint of hesitation, just remember what Janis Joplin said: ‘Don’t compromise yourself, you’re all you’ve got!’

Women today face a unique set of challenges and this groundbreaking and unique weekend is designed just for you. You’ll love this learning adventure! Its a dynamic mix of chillout and challenge! A chance to unwind, an opportunity to be resourced, refreshed, reskilled and reminded of all the infinite possibilities within and ahead of you. Open yourself to your energy and vibrance and recapture and develop your charisma, personal power, and confidence.

No matter what your age or your life path, this is that must-have course of the year! It really is transformational training. Recapture your elusive and taunting wild woman soul in our exciting yet relaxing and inspiring weekend away from the world. Make a date!

A Learning Adventure

Your daily workshops will be led by one of Britain’s friendliest and funniest trainers! Kath Temple is warm, supportive, energetic, innovative and inspirational. She has exclusively designed a delightful and delicious weekend full of humour, joy and powerful exercises laced liberally with NLP techniques and strategies just for women like you, who are looking for something more. As you choose to train with her you can be sure you are receiving excellence in action.

Kath Temple is Director of The Lifelong Learning Company and a Secret Agent ….. of change! She is a business psychologist, NLP Master, NLP Trainer, and NLP Business Practitioner as well as an AAMT accredited EFT Trainer and EFT Advanced Practitioner who regularly assists Paul McKenna and Dr Richard Bandler at their international Society of NLP trainings in London.

Here’s a scrumptious taster of what’s on offer:-

  • Learn NLP strategies and techniques that really are the difference that makes the difference
  • Discover how behaviour is patterned and how it can be repatterned for behavioural change
  • Transform limiting beliefs to empowering ones and get out of your own way
  • Release negativity and create powerful ways of letting go
  • Explore Lifestages and Lifepaths
  • Define and redefining ourselves – identity matters!
  • Create balance in your life
  • Develop effective ways to better manage your emotions
  • Clarify where you are going and gain the skills to get there faster
  • Build better relationships with a wider variety of people
  • Tap into states of excellence, get in the flow, get in the zone
  • Develop your vibrance, personal power, confidence and charisma
  • Learn to do the Eddie Izzard – a cool strategy for excellence in action!

Freedom to Enjoy!

The Buddha once said you will know enlightenment, it tastes of freedom. And that’s what this course is all about.

Take the time to energise your life!

Every now and then we’re given an opportunity to do something really different that we know will make a real difference. And remember what Mark Twain said: ‘

The magic starts here! Go on, give us a call and book your place! You know you’re worth it!

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