Groupwork and Facilitation Skills

Groupwork is a powerful medium for motivating and consolidating change. Learn why groups work, how they influence their members, and how YOU can influence groups. Whatever type of group you are running or hope to run, this course will help you hone your groupleader and facilitation skills.

Join us on this practical and powerful three-day course to enhance and extend your professional skills so that you lead groups with confidence, flair, and charisma.

  • Learn cutting edge NLP strategies to elicit different states in individuals and in groups
  • Use language as a precision tool to open people up to change
  • Check out the role of a group leader your group leader style and
  • its impact on individual and group dynamics
  • Learn to flexibly shift your approach to group and individual needs
  • Explore the psychology of grouplife – why groups work and how they influence their members
  • Understand and influence group dynamics
  • Learn to create rapport with a wide range of people and to maintain
  • rapport through difficult situations and with difficult group members
  • Explore the art and science of influence
  • Manage difficult situations and how to move people on when they get stuck
  • Optimise your ability to sense and create energy
  • Use psychogeography, spatial and visual anchors and non-verbal
  • communication to create expectation, curiosity, and openness
  • Analyse the advantages and disadvantages of groupwork
  • Clarify the purpose of the different groups you work with
  • Learn the art of profiling and being able to meet needs
  • Design powerful and memorable group experiences
  • Create an optimum environment, set high expectations and impactful openings
  • Elicit states of relaxed alertness to optimise people’s openness to the group process
  • Establish expectations, ways of working together and group norms
  • Overcome barriers and resistance
  • Build in flexibility and flow time
  • Create transition times
  • Build your process and facilitation skills
  • Avoid the most common pitfalls
  • Maintain motivation and momentum
  • Monitor and evaluate the process and outcomes
  • Select inspiring endings

Groupwork Skills