Breaking the Cycle of Depression


Powerful, Practical, Positive, Solution-Focused

If you are a person who has depression, you know how it can pervade all
aspects of your life. You know about the great personal cost, and the cost
to your relationships too. You are not alone. Depression is on the increase
and is more common than we realise. There is around a one in five chance of
experiencing an episode of depression, and women are twice as likely as men
to get depressed. There is a link with stress and depression. High levels of the
stress hormone cortisol is present in the blood of those suffering from
depression. So although depression may appear to others as a state of low
arousal, it is not. Depression is about 10 times more common, in the post-war
generations than in prior generations. Human biology cannot change that
quickly, so whilst depression may create some biological effects, possibly only
10% of depression has biological origins. We invite you to our inspiring
enjoyable breakthrough course where we share with you:

  • The trance state of depression, how it gets locked in, and how to
  • unlock it and shift it’s ability to emotionally hijack you.
  • New insights as to why you wake up tired and unmotivated, and what to do about it.
  • Why some types of psychotherapy and counselling make depression worse.
  • Techniques for tackling negative thinking and negative expectancy.
  • How to lift the physiology and psychology of depression.
  • Healthy ways of shifting brain chemistry in the right direction.
  • Regain state control and better manage your emotions – rediscover the happiness centre in the brain.
  • The New Behaviour Generators – it’s time for a change.
  • Making the change – it’s an inside job.

Join us for a groundbreaking course that will give you insights and strategies to break the cycle of depression. Take a deeper solution-focused adventure with us and extend your ability to create positive change in your own life.

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