Breakthrough Into Peace, Joy & A More Fulfilling Life

We all want to be happier. Happiness is something you can’t buy – it’s an inside job. Join us for this amazing course that transforms your life.
A fabulous four day transformational journey to Being Happier

  • Clarify what Happiness means for you
  • The different kinds of Happiness and their impact
  • The power of your story and how it shapes your present and future
  • Rewrite your story – the 3 steps to seeing everything differently
  • Family patterns and how to pattern interrupt – being the change-agent
  • Forgiveness and it’s role in healing and peace of mind
  • Love, loving and lovability – the power of love in our lives
  • Change the past, change the future – recoding and healing the past
  • Discover your energy psychology
  • Switch on and turn up your mind management skills
  • Find your joy, follow your bliss – the Hero’s journey
  • Clarify your life purpose and what living your best life is all about
  • Re-imagine and re-envision your life
  • Step into your future – timeline strategies for success and happiness
  • The Four Agreements and how to use them in your life
  • The Five Commitments – clarifying what these are to you
  • Create your new Happiness Contract
  • How to show up and shine more fully in your one wild and precious life

26th November 2015, £97 pp